Online dictionary tools

Use a dictionary pop-up window on any web page
double-click or alt-click on a word
and the meaning will pop-up in a small window.

In this screencast you can see how easy and useful
such a dictionary tool can be.

Some advice

  1. A dictionary tool doesn't recognise the function of a word.
    An example:
    'sound' may be
        a verb ('sounds interesting'),
        a noun ('the sound of a bell'),
        an adjective ('Considering his age, his body is quite sound.')
        or an adverb ("sound asleep').
        It may also be part of a phrasal verb ('He's always sounding off                    
        about how he thinks the country should be run.')
        or an idiom ('be as sound as a bell').
    So, you have to choose the correct entry yourself in the search results.

  2. If you are reading an entry and you don’t know the meaning of a word in it,
    double-click on the unknown word to look it up.

  3. About the dictionary pop-up window:

  4. -The window can be resized.

  5. -You can also drag it to any position of the screen.

  6. -Close the window before doing a new search, otherwise it may be hidden behind the main window.

For Firefox

If you are using Firefox at the moment, click on one of the links below
to install such a dictionary add-on. There are quite a lot of different ones,
but I prefer the ones that use the Oxford or Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary.
The add-ons can be used together too.

Dictionary Tooltip

Double-click on a word. There will be a small Dictionary Tooltip-icon
and if you hover over it you will get a pop-up window (that can be resized and dragged all over the screen) with the definition of the word.

Install and use the excellent Oxford Learner's Dictionaries
with British pronunciation.

  1. -Open the options of the extension.

  2. -Click on 'Add / Edit Custom Sites'

  3. -Click on 'Add new site'

  4. -Name: 'OLD'

  5. -Add the URL ‘$$'

  6. -Click on 'Save'.

  7. -Restart Firefox

  8. -The first time you use the Dictionary Tooltip now,
    you have to  to click on 'Show dictionaries' at the bottom of the pop-up window
    and select 'OLD'.


Pop-up Dictionary

Double-click and click on a small icon to open the pop-up window.

Open the options of the add-on and add Cambridge Dictionaries:

             - '$$'

             - Size: 700 (width) x 400 (heigth)

Babylon Word Search

Double-click on a word to get a small pop-up window that gives the translation of the word.

For Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome at the moment, click on one of the links below
to install a dictionary extension. These extensions can be used together!

English dictionary translate pronunciation

When you double-click on a word the word will be pronounced,
you get a dictionary translation (Longman Dictionary)
and a translation (Google dictionary).
(This is the one used in the screencast)

Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Google Dictionary

Alt-click on a word to get the small pop-up window.
The database also recognises proper names.

Inline Search & Lookup

Double-click on a word to get a small pop-up window.
You can use several dictionaries.
You should add Cambridge Online Dictionaries:
            - Open the options of the extension.
            - Add the URL '$$'
            - Name: Cambridge Dictionaries
            - Sizing: Popup width: '770'.
            - Don't forget to click on 'Save'.